December 06, 2018

Anderson: 11 Months

Weight: Probably around 21 pounds

Length: No idea, as usual

The last month has been one in which the milestones have piled one on top of the other! Where to begin? First off, Anderson has started WALKING! Crawling is still his number one mode of locomotion, but Little Man is starting to walk more and more. He always *starts off* walking, falls, and finishes his journey by crawling. Mommy thinks that he'll probably be walking full time by the end of the month . Another fun milestone is that Anderson has REALLY started clapping recently. He has half-heartedly put his hands together for the last couple of months, but never with any consistency. Now, you just have to say, "Anderson, clap!" and his little hands perform the request with enthusiasm. Anderson has also learned how to wave, "hi" and "bye." All you have to do is say the words, and he starts flapping away. It is the CUTEST. Anderson also got his first haircut last month, and he looks WAY too grown up. 

Anderson has really started to develop a love for books in the last month or so, which makes Mommy's book-loving heart proud. Anderson has never really shown any interest in his books, because he would rather be exploring...not sitting still and looking at pages. But, in the last month or so, Anderson has become fascinated by his collection of books and will sit in Mommy's lap for extended periods of time, soaking in the pictures. His favorite book is called, "Vroom, Vroom, Trucks," a book that Nana bought for him before he was even born. Another random love that Anderson has is Mommy's makeup brushes. Anderson has started to get a little frustrated in his car seat, and for some reason, the only thing that makes him happy is when Mommy hands him a makeup brush. 

As mentioned above, Anderson is not too fond of his car seat, but it's more of a mild dislike than an actual hate. He DOES hate being left alone though. Anderson is a pretty independent little guy, but if Mommy tries to walk away from him, and he notices, he will get upset. As long as Mom is within reaching distance, he stays as happy as ever. 

Photos to follow

November 15, 2018

Anderson: Ten Months

Okay...back on track. I'm actually going to do a post on time since Mr. Man turned 10 months old just over a week ago. So, here it goes.

Weight: Probably around 20 pounds

Length: Who knows??

Mommy's FAVORITE milestone from the last month is that Anderson has started to give KISSES! They are often open-mouthed and slobbery. But they are also pretty much the best thing ever. Mommy has discovered that if she sings (particularly Ariel's song from The Little Mermaid), Anderson will rush over to her, pull himself up, and plop a million kisses on her mouth. So, you better believe that Mom sings that song with a great deal of frequency. Another milestone is Anderson's newfound discovery of "pointing." He points at everything, and it is hilarious. The cutest use of this skill is when he points at big sister, Wren. Mommy will say, "Where's Wren?" and Anderson will point his tiny, chubby finger right at his sister. Mommy thought it was a fluke the first couple of times, but he does it pretty consistently now. Another not-so-cute milestone is Anderson's newly acquired food aversions. Anderson has to inspect EVERY single bite of food that goes into his mouth, and will turn his head if it seems uninteresting. If, by some miracle, he does take a bite of something, he (very frequently) will spit it out once it hits his tongue. It seems to be a texture issue, which Mommy likes to blame on Daddy, because he also has WAY too many texture aversions for a 32 year old man. 

Anderson's #1 love right now is his sister's toy mop/broom set. It is kept in his closet, and anytime Anderson is set down in his bedroom, he crawls to the closet, slides the door open, and pulls the thing out. He especially loves the broom, which he swings around with a great deal of enthusiasm (Mom's head can attest to this). Anderson also continues to love people and is at ease with everyone. He will go to ANYBODY, and does so with a smile. 

Anderson has learned how to express his frustrations this last month. He will grunt his displeasure whenever he doesn't approve of something. The most frequent recipients of his frustrated grunts are his sister (when she steals a toy from him) and his carseat. Other than that, Anderson remains a happy guy about 99.9% of the time.


November 14, 2018

Anderson: Nine Months

I'm slacking. As usual. But...don't let my lack of posts fool you. Little Man is a-growing and a-changing every day.

Weight: Somewhere around 19 pounds

Length: Who knows?

Anderson continues to be the MOST active and the MOST mobile baby known to man. He still isn't walking, which is a huge (but not unwelcome) surprise for Mommy and Daddy. They thought that he would be walking by now, for sure. He seems content to just crawl, but still takes steps here and there. Anderson now has four teeth, including the MOST adorable gap-toothed front teeth. He likes to show his little teeth off with his constant grins. Anderson had a couple of not-so-pleasant milestones/firsts this month: his first ear infection and a bout with croup. He handled both like a champ, and you would have NEVER known that he was struggling. He smiled and laughed through the whole ordeal. Anderson was able to enjoy his first Halloween this month and went dressed as the CUTEST little White Rabbit, while big sister Wren dressed up as Alice.

Anderson still loves his pacifier and needs it to sleep. He also continues to love Daddy best. But, in all reality, he really just loves people. And they love him back. He is quite popular with everyone at church and has made a LOT of friends...probably because he will crawl up to anyone and demand (with a smile, of course) to be picked up. Anderson also continues to love food. He often has to be cut off because he will eat and eat. He doesn't seem to have an "off" switch. Anderson's favorite activity also continues to be "climbing." If there is something for him to climb, he will find it: the ottoman, the stairs, you name it. Mom and Dad have to be REALLY careful about keeping the gates closed or else Anderson immediately makes his way to the stairs. He also loves being "chased." Mom or Dad will call out, "I'm going to get you!" and Anderson will take off at a break-neck speed laughing hysterically the whole way.  

Not much. Anderson rarely cries and doesn't seem to hate anything, except being left alone. If Mom or Dad walk out of the room, he will express his disapproval, but usually with nothing more than a half-hearted little whine.


October 09, 2018

Anderson: Eight Months

Well, now that Mister Man (as his big sister likes to call him) is nine months old, I suppose it's time to get on here and update his eight months stats. Why am I ALWAYS behind on this? Poor, second kid.

Weight: ? (although, I would guess somewhere around 18 pounds)

Length: ?

Anderson continues to be one MOBILE little guy. He crawls at an INCREDIBLY fast rate, and it is often difficult for Mommy and Daddy to keep up with him. He has also started "cruising" this month, and seems to be closer to walking every day. He loves to walk around the perimeter of the couch, and is starting to stand for extended lengths of time (Daddy counted TEN seconds at one point!). Another (sad) milestone for Mommy is that Anderson decided to wean in the last month. Mommy's return to work seems to have heralded the end of Anderson's nursing journey. It still makes Mommy REALLY sad, but Anderson absolutely refused to nurse (despite Mommy's many, many, MANY attempts), so it was time. Everyone is less frustrated these days, and while Mommy still struggles, it was for the best. Anderson learned how to clap this month, but in a VERY unconventional way. You ask him to clap, and he slowly brings his hands together and laces his finger together, over and over. It's pretty cute! Anderson is starting to babble more and more these days, and seems to add more consonants to his vocabulary every day. But his most frequent utterance still remains, "Da da da da," much to Mommy's frustration.   

The book case. Cords. Wall outlets. Small choking hazards. Basically, Anderson loves all of the things that he is NOT supposed to play with. Mommy and Daddy have to be hyper-vigilant with hazards because Anderson seems to seek out the ONE thing in the room that could hurt him. Mr. Man also LOVES to climb and spends most of the day going up and over everything. He has discovered a real love of food this month. He used to make some pretty funny faces whenever new food was offered to him, but now he seems to eat everything with gusto (besides refried beans, which is a strange aversion). He is becoming less interested in bottles, and wants to eat ALL of the food. His favorite foods, like big sister, seem to be ANY form of pasta and ANY form of fruit. Anderson loves his sister best, Daddy second, and Mommy third. This is a huge shift from the early days (when he only had eyes for Mommy), but Anderson is seeming to become more of a "Daddy's boy" every day, again...much to Mommy's frustration. 

Not much. Maybe diaper changes? But only because he has to lie still for those. Anderson hates being made to stay still, but other than that, he's pretty much the happiest baby on the planet. 

August 24, 2018

Anderson: Seven Months

Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces

Length: ?

The mobility an exponential rate. Anderson does not sit still for anything, and has moved from crawling, to standing. Anderson will make his way to any stationary object (couch, bookshelf, his name it) and pull himself to the standing position. For the first little while, it made Mommy's heart race. Anderson earned his fair share of bruises to the head this month, and Mom earned her fair share of gray hairs (kidding). BUT, Mr. Man is finally getting the hang of standing (without the epic falls), and Mommy has been able to calm down a little bit (but only a little bit because is she ever fully calm??). What is making Mommy not so calm? The fact that Anderson has discovered the stairs and loves to climb from the very bottom ALL the way to the top (with Mommy right behind him, of course). He is quite proud of this new-found accomplishment, but Mommy hates every minute of it. Another milestone that has been reached this month is Anderson's cute little babbling noises. Unlike his sister, Anderson is a pretty quiet little guy and often has a pacifier stuck in his mouth. Lately, however, he has started to say, "Dada" pretty frequently. He also does a high-pitched squeal whenever he gets excited that gets everyone around him smiling. Anderson has also learned how to eat his solids without the hilarious gagging noises and funny faces of last month. Anderson has recently learned how to hold his bottle which is helpful for those that watch him, because it means that he can feed himself.

Much to Daddy's delight, he has another baby who LOVES music. Anderson has started to dance and bounce every time a song comes on, and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Anderson has also developed a LOVE of blueberries. They are by far his favorite food, and he can't get them into his mouth fast enough. Anderson also still loves his pacifier and can often be seen happily sucking away.

Not much. The only thing that seems to REALLY upset Anderson are loud noises. He's very sensitive to sudden, loud noises. They make his little eyes fill with tears and he will SOB until he gets some loving and comfort from Mommy or Daddy. He also doesn't do well when he gets woken up by his sister's screams. Unfortunately, Big Sister finds it HILARIOUS to wake her brother up in this fashion. And because they share a room, there have been too many nights when Anderson has been woken up by his screaming sister. It has inspired some pretty intense heart-to-hearts between Wren and Mommy. Thankfully, Wren has been working on it...


August 21, 2018

Anderson: Six Months

Weight: 16 pounds 

Length: 28 inches

Mommy has said it before, and she'll say it again: some months, the milestones PILE up, and this month is no exception. Anderson has decided that he is not content to be in one spot, and needs to be on the go AT. ALL. TIMES. At six months old, Mr. Man has decided to crawl. And not just army crawl, full-on crawl. Mommy and Daddy don't know what to do with all of the mobility. Big sister was nine months old before she really started to crawl, so having a baby that is crawling at six months old is throwing them off of their game. Anderson has also become an expert champ at sitting up this month. No more toppling for the little guy. You set him down, and he will stay sitting. Also, he can go from the crawling position, to the sitting position all on his own. At his six month appointment, Anderson's doctor told Mommy that Little Man has the motor skills of a much older baby. No surprise there. Mommy has been chasing him around for weeks now. Anderson is still getting better every day at sleeping. He moved out of Mommy and Daddy's room, and is surprisingly sleeping better now that he shares a room with his sister. Who would have guessed? Mommy was sad (at first) but is now really enjoying her improved sleep, and Daddy is enjoying being able to make noise again without Mommy "shushing" him all the time. His naps are never shorter than 1.5 hours, and he usually only wakes up 1-2 times a night. Every once in a while, he will have a rough night and it will take quite a while (up to two hours) for him to go back to sleep. Thankfully, those nights are pretty rare. Mommy thinks that one of the major reasons that sleep has improved is because Mr. Man has figured out how to find his pacifier (in the dark), put it back in his mouth, and put himself back to sleep. Hallelujah! Anderson also had his first bite of food this month (avocado) and he was NOT a fan. He made HILARIOUS faces and dramatic gagging noises, so solids don't happen too often.

Loves: His big sister. More than anything. Maybe even more than Mommy these days. Anderson thinks that big sister Wren is the best thing ever, and he simply lights up whenever she is around. He has also discovered (with all of his newfound mobility) that he likes cords. Mommy and Daddy have to be careful, because if there is a cord at ground level, Anderson will find it. Anderson has been dubbed "perma-grin" by those who know him because he really is the happiest little guy, and basically grins at anybody who happens to look his way. He LOVES people, especially other little ones, and will follow you around all day long.

Not too many hates for Mr. Anderson now that he has stopped hating sleep (he seems to only mildly dislike sleep these days). He really is just the smiliest, happiest baby you will ever meet.


Anderson: Five Months

Weight: 15 pounds

Lenght: ??

Over the last month, Anderson has FINALLY started to figure out how glorious sleep can be. Mommy and Daddy started slowly taking away all of Anderson's sleep crutches about a month ago, and he did really well with each step. First, they took away his "Rock and Play," the rocking cradle that he slept in. Then, they tried several different sleep suits to help him "transition" out of his swaddle. Next, Mommy stopped nursing Anderson to sleep. Then, they took away his sleep suit. As of two weeks ago, Anderson was going to bed needing only two things: his pacifier and someone's hand to hold on to. He started taking naps that were longer than 20 minutes, which was a miracle for Mommy and Daddy. The only problem was, that Anderson needed his pacifier put back into his mouth CONSTANTLY in order to stay asleep (and even that didn't work half of the time). That meant several wake ups, both for naps...and at night. Nap time was okay. Nighttime was not. Mr. Man was waking up about 5-6 times a night, and took anywhere from 30 minutes to TWO HOURS to go back to sleep. Mommy was dying. So, after a LOT of research by Mommy (of course), and a LOT of tears over the last five months (Mommy again), Daddy and Mommy decided that it was time for sleep training. Anderson needed to learn how to fall to sleep on his own...without his pacifier and without someone to hold his hand. Mommy was a wreck and couldn't stomach the thought of Anderson crying. But, another miracle happened...Anderson surprised the HECK out of them. On the first night, he went to sleep entirely on his own, and he woke up only once to eat. That trend has continued for the last four nights and, while Mommy and Daddy are trying not to get their hopes up, they totally are! While improved sleep is the most exciting milestone in the Russell household, there are a few others that are being reached. Anderson has really learned how to grab onto and play with toys this month. Anderson learned how to roll from belly to back a couple of months ago...but seemed to forget how once he learned how to roll the other way. He has now mastered rolling BOTH ways, and is moving all over the place. Last week, Mommy laid him down in the middle of the living room rug, and came back to find him on the wood floor, banging his hand against the ground. 

With Anderson's newfound ability to play with toys, a few have become the frontrunners as his favorites. Number one? An empty pack of baby wipes. He loves the sound it makes when he crinkles it in his fist. He also loves the Sophie giraffe that his cousin, Nixon, handed down to him. Anderson loves people, and his whole face will split into a grin when you call his name and talk to him. He is probably one of the happiest babies that you will meet and really is such an easy little guy.

Anderson still hates being burped, or more accurately, hates when you take his food source away to burp him. It's one of the only times that he cries. He can be BEYOND full, but gets so angry when you stop feeding him. Other than that, he's generally content. He only cries when tired, or hungry, and even then, his cries are typically short-lived. 


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