April 28, 2012

Quote Wall

When I was in high school, a beautiful tradition was started in my AP US history class. When someone said something funny, we would write it on a post it and stick it to the wall. Thus began the "quote wall." Then, immediately after I graduated, I began working at a high school. So, the tradition continues. When one of my students says something funny, we yell "QUOTE WALL," scribble it on a post it, and slap it to the wall. We have gathered a pretty impressive, and colorful, collection of quotes over the years.
I often lament the absence of a quote wall in my actual life. When someone says something funny out in the real world, I find myself yelling, "QUOTE WALL," in my head, and laughing at my own private joke. Take last night for instance:
As part of our nightly routine, Graham is in charge of locking the door, and I am in charge of asking him if the door has been locked. This is standard procedure. So, the husband and I hopped into bed, and I proceeded with my usual questioning. His response, however, was far from the usual.

Me: Did you lock the door?
Graham: No.
Me: Umm...don't you think you should?
Graham: Whit, you have no need to worry. If someone decides to break in, you have a WARRIOR sleeping right next to you.

Yikes. See what I mean? That one would have gone on the quote wall for sure!

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