June 06, 2012

2 Years Down...

When I was a little girl, I did what most little girls do: I planned my wedding. I had everything picked out very early on. I knew what I wanted my wedding to be like, down to the most minute of details. I had everything picked out.
Just not the groom.
I knew what kind of man I wanted.
What traits he needed to have and all that.
Little did I know, as a young adolescent girl, that I had already met that man.
I met Graham when we were little ones running around my aunt and uncle's pool. I've said this many times over the years, and it still remains very apt: If you had told me as a girl that I would one day marry Graham Russell, I would have laughed in your face. Or run away crying.
I guess I just didn't recognize his qualities as a wee one. Probably because I thought he was infested with the dreaded cooties.
Then, as a young girl of 18, I became re-acquainted with the dashing fellow, and realized little Graham was not so little anymore (and thankfully devoid of cooties). I quickly snatched him up.
I waited over five years to marry him.
And he was well worth the wait.
We celebrated our TWO year anniversary this week. We made it into a three day celebration that took us from the mountains, to the desert, and down to the beach. We ate entirely too much food, explored some beautiful places, saw a movie, rode beach cruisers, drooled over houses we wished we could own, sat on the beach, and just enjoyed one another's company.
I love this boy. He's pretty darn special, and I know how blessed I am to have him. He puts my happiness above all else, and he makes me feel cherished. The past two years have been idyllic, and I'm looking forward to all the ones we have to share in the future.

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