November 20, 2014

Richard Louis Russell

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I've never struggled with expressing myself through words. I can easily arrange them. Bend them into submission. Will them to do my bidding. Construct them into sentences, and then paragraphs as I shape them to form the exact meaning that I desire.
But this time?
Words fail me.
I've written and re-written this post more times than I can count.
But the words to adequately express the impact that this man had on those around him still won't come. So forgive me as I stumble through this, but I couldn't let the opportunity to pay tribute to Grandpa Russell slip away.
Graham lost his grandpa last week, and the void that he left behind will never be filled.
He was too important.
Too much of a giant among men.
I feel honored to have known him, and am thankful every day for the influence that he had in shaping the man that I was lucky enough to marry. He taught him hard work, dedication, and loyalty. He taught him humility, patience, and kindness. But most of all, he taught him the importance of family. Everything this man did was for the benefit of those he loved.
His family was lucky to have him.
And while there is heartbreak at his passing, I know I will hold dear the memories that I have of him.
Like his love for dessert.
And the fact that he was always up for a party. No matter the time of night.
And his propensity for white Court Classics.
And his unswerving dedication to his wife.
We will miss you, Grandpa Russell. But know that your influence will ALWAYS live on.
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