November 15, 2015

Baby Girl

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I'm a dreamer. Always have been.
And yesterday was the fruition of one of those dreams. I've been dreaming of this day for a long time, and while it was quite the journey to get to this stage in my life, it was worth every hiccup and heartbreak. Yesterday, surrounded by those that I love, we were able to celebrate the impending arrival of mine and Graham's baby girl. And it was SO worth the wait.
The theme was "birds and boho" and it made my eclectic heart soar. It all came together so beautifully, and I am so intensely grateful for all of the amazing women who made it happen. From the decorations to the food and the delicious desserts (thanks Robin, Rachel, and Holly), it was all so perfect.
Now, at this point I have to stop and give the BIGGEST of thanks to my lovely sister, Michal, who spent countless hours handcrafting every single decoration that was used. I was stunned and overwhelmed by the amount of effort she put into each piece and am looking forward to incorporating them into baby girl's nursery.
The front of the house was decorated with dream catchers, a plethora of hanging feathers, and a few fun and vintage pieces. 

The "boho and birds" theme continued in the house with doilies, lace, and little birdies galore. My mom did all of the floral arrangements, and as always, they came out beautifully. Now, I'm not a "shower games" person, mainly because I get ridiculously competitive whenever the word "game" is uttered (as do most of the women in my life), so to avoid the possibility of cutthroat competition, we limited the games to only a few. They included the ever-popular "guess the size of the pregnant lady's belly," a quiz on how well the guests knew the mom and dad-to-be, and "guess the baby's arrival date." Guests were also asked to give the "Mama-to-be" (that's me) advice and tips for a first-time-mom. My favorite bit of advice, hands down, came from my sister-in-law Rachel who warned me, "don't leave the baby alone with Graham."

My one regret of the day was not getting a photo with all of the lovely ladies who came to celebrate with me, so this random group shot of some of those ladies will have to suffice!
I was overwhelmed by ALL of the gifts that I was "showered" with, and so touched by the personal, thoughtful nature of a lot of those gifts. I know that this baby girl is already so loved by the women who will be in her life.
Luckily I was able to get a few shots with my beautiful sisters and Mama, as well as a some impromptu "maternity shots" (thanks, Laura, for being my photographer). I only wish that I had gotten a photo with my wonderful sisters-in-law as well as my mother-in-law! But I am immeasurably grateful for them too. I am so blessed to have all of these women in my life. Baby girl has NO idea how lucky she is to call them all "aunt" and "grandma." Only eight more weeks, and baby girl will be here! 

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  1. Congratulations! You are a beautiful pregnant woman and will make a wonderful mom!



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