July 19, 2011


Graham and I had to take a quick jaunt to Target the other day to pick up some essentials. While driving through the parking lot to find the perfect spot (Graham takes longer to park than ANYONE I know...it's a constant battle between us. I think he does it on purpose), I spied a cute little lady in an even cuter pair of espadrilles.
I love espadrilles. 
They do not, however, love me back.
Despite the fact that I am 5'10," they make my legs look stumpy (the curse of the dreaded Jesperson calves). So I made the comment...

"I love espadrilles...I wish I had nice legs so that I could wear them with shorts during the summer."

Why I thought to make a fashion comment to my husband is beyond me. I must have thought I was with one of my sisters. Graham, in typical Graham fashion, responded like this...

"Espadrilles? What the heck are espadrilles? It sounds like an STD...'I have the espadrilles.'"

Ha. Why does my husband have a clever and often ridiculous response to every word that comes out of my mouth? At least he's funny though!

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