July 19, 2011


If you know my grandpa J, you should consider yourself lucky. He is my favorite person on the planet. I'm allowed to say this without fear of hurting Graham's feelings. He tells me that I'm his third favorite person all the time after his mom and his grandma. Sometimes I'm even lower on the list, like after the cashier at Souplantation who gave him a free bag of tangerine sours (although to be fair they were pretty delicious). When Graham and I got married, a part of me didn't want to leave home...because then I wouldn't be able to see my grandpa every day (he lives in a cute "grandpa flat" at my parent's house). So, he understands why I like my grandpa better than him, with no hard feelings involved. Why you ask? Oh let me count the ways!

1. My grandpa is 90, soon to be 91, and still has better dance moves than you
2. He has more faith in his right pinkie than most people do in their entire bodies
3. He's the most Christlike man I know
4. The love he showed to my Grandma was the most BEAUTIFUL thing to see (he calls her his "eternal sweetheart..." how precious is that?)
5. He still plays tee-doo-da-lee with his great-grandchildren
6. He has no filter...seriously...he says anything that pops into his head
7. He tells inappropriate jokes...it's pretty rad
8. He was into "natural" and "organic" diets before it was the trendy thing to do
9. He gives me lectures all the time on how I shouldn't be eating white flour...and then he steals my "Cheez Its" mid lecture
10. He tells me I'm beautiful
11. He will do ANYTHING for ANYONE
12. He has shown me what it means to be a hard worker (well, he AND my dad)
13. He teases the people he loves
14. He pronounces "Graham" "Grim"
...and so SO much more

My grandpa likes to garden. It is his baby, and it's pretty impressive. He spends HOURS EVERY day working in his garden, and provides all of us with some pretty delicious produce. I present to you...grandpa J's garden.


  1. Whitney, I love your blog! What a great post. So sweet. I DO consider myself lucky to know Grandpa J. He is one of a kind.
    I wrote this little post about him last year when I attempted to do my project 365 blog (not as good as yours at all, but just thought I'd share).


  2. Hahaha..I just read your post Michelle. That's Grandpa! Always lecturing...but at least we know he does it out of love!



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