July 14, 2011

This time...

I like to write. This is a fact of life for me. Being a student for twenty years, and a college student for six of these, my hunger for writing has been assuaged through the countless papers that I have written (twenty page research papers on a regular basis will squelch even the most fervent of desires to write). When I graduated last year, I breathed a sigh of relief at the prospect of not having to write even ONE paper through the months of summer. I was entering grad school in the fall, and assumed that I would jump right back into the writing game. However, shifting from my undergrad as a social science major (where writing papers on a regular basis is the norm) into a credential program (where "writing" means constructing endless lesson plans), my writing urges were no longer met. So, what to do??

...enter stage left: THE BLOG.

The forum in which I hope to re-visit my love of writing and catalog the shenanigans of my lovely husband and myself. I've tried keeping a journal for the entirety of my life, but despite the countless journal entries that promise "this time...I will be successful at keeping a journal," I have failed...miserably. For someone who loves history, and spent my childhood reading the diaries of young girls who had come before me (Anne Frank ring a bell??), my journal-keeping attempts have never reached the level of success that I had hoped for.  So, today I pledge...

"This time I will be successful..."

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  1. Whit... I love your writing. Please keep it up!!! You've given me an interest in keeping my blog going. And I love the new camera for your hobby (vs. a Baby). Why didn't I think of that? You've always had a great eye for things like that so I know you'll do great! Love and miss you :) Emmie



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