July 14, 2011


A recent conversation between Graham and I went as follows:

Me: I'm not going to know what to do with myself when I finish school in December. I've been a student forever...I need something to fill my time. Like a hobby...or a baby.

Graham: I'll find you a hobby.

True to his word, he found me a hobby...or rather gave me a reason to revisit a lost hobby. On my 25th birthday (holy crap...I'm officially in my MID-twenties), I woke up to a grinning Graham. This is not a usual occurrence, as the husband resembles a bear most mornings (he grunts a lot...has no capacity for the English language...and will most likely bite if prodded). I had already received a birthday present a week earlier, a pair of shoes that I had been drooling over for quite some time, and so I was expecting nothing. However, the still grinning Graham leaned over and presented me with a beautifully wrapped present. This conversation went as follows:

Me: ummm...you weren't supposed to get me anything

Graham: I found you a hobby...but this hobby comes with some stipulations. First: you have to take good care of it and it has to go with you everywhere.

To my delight...I unwrapped this little beauty...

I have a pretty awesome husband. It's not a baby...but it will do! Thanks to my "new" hobby, this blog of mine will look pretty schnazzy! Pictures to come!

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