July 15, 2011

"You're so Naughty!"

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my niece, Charlotte... aka "Charlie."

Cute isn't she? Well, what a lot of people don't know is that behind that cherubic little face, is a terror. Don't get me wrong...I love the girl and find her destructive antics, more often than not, hilarious but...she's still a terror. I've had the pleasure of living with this little brute for the last several months and get to witness the destruction that she leaves in her wake on a daily basis.

Exhibit A: Charlotte decided that she wanted some bread 
The normal child would take the following steps:
1. undo twist tie
2. remove top piece of bread
3. replace twist tie
4. consume, enjoy

Charlie took these steps:
1. undo twist tie and throw it on the ground
2. take bag of bread into living room
3. dump entire contents of bread bag onto the couch
4. neither consume, nor enjoy
Exhibit B: Charlotte decided to remove all of the cushions/stuffing from the couch
I was helping Charlotte's sister, Sophia, with her homework, feeling pretty good about my role as an awesome babysitter/aunt/educator as I instilled knowledge and wisdom in my niece. I took my eyes off the little terror for FIVE minutes...and this is what she managed to do in that small amount of time.
Exhibit C: Charlotte decided to turn my couch into a beauty school experiment
Being the nice aunt that I am, I regularly let Charlie use my "chapstick" as she calls it. However, this is with the understanding that she uses it only under my direct supervision. But, being Charlotte, she never follows directions, and so she decided to give my couch a makeover. Unfortunately, this makeover was not done with chapstick, but my favorite shade of "true red" lipstick.
You would think it ended there right? Well you would think wrong.
Exhibit D: Charlotte decided to paint mom a picture
Unfortunately...that picture was painted directly on mommy's table and...Charlotte herself.
She's lucky I love her so much.        

On a side note...
In the time it took me to write this post Charlotte:
1. Unplugged my T.V.
2. Attempted to plug my iphone charger into the wall (the side that's supposed to go into the iphone!)
3. Decorated my couch with an assortment of stickers
4. Tried to climb out my window
5. Locked herself in her bedroom and refused to open the door for a good five minutes
6. Poked her sister with a push pin


  1. This is the most awesome post I think I've ever read!!

  2. Haha...why thank you! She's pretty entertaining.



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