August 16, 2011

A Big ol' Birthday Bash

See this guy here?

He's pretty awesome.
Don't know who he is? Or do you want to know more about him?
Well, then check him out HERE ...or... HERE (I especially love the video! The baby picture? SO cute!)

This girl loves her prophet.
(I can't believe how big she looks...7?? When did that happen??)
...and because she loves him, she wanted to celebrate his birthday. He turns 84 this month. So she asked her mommy to bake him a cake, and we sang happy birthday as a family.

I love seeing Sophia's testimony grow. She knows that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and without knowing him personally, she loves him. I sat down to watch President Monson's biography. It's pretty long... over an hour (But OH so good!). As I started the movie, Sophia came in to ask me a question, and then proceeded to watch the ENTIRE thing with me. She was full of questions, laughs, gasps, and more as she watched the chronicles of his life. At one point, President Monson bore his testimony that Jesus Christ loves little children, hears their prayers, and responds to them. I watched Sophia's eyes grow big, and she turned to me with a huge grin on her face. She knows her prophet and she knows her savior. It's such a sweet thing to see.

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