August 08, 2011

Surf, Sun, Sand, S'mores...SUMMER!

My family camps at South Carlsbad State Beach each and every summer. This has been a family tradition since I was a wee little one.
As a child, my main concern was how many hours I could spend in the water. Unfortunately this always led to about a pound of sand caught in the crotch of my bathing suit (I have always questioned why they have that little mesh pocket thingy in little girl's bathing suits...that is a flawed design if you ask me!) But despite the sun burns, the peeling skin, and the somewhat irritating chafing caused by that rather impressive accumulation of sand, beach camp was always the most anticipated week of the summer.
Moving into adolescence, my focus became boogie boarding. I would spend hours trying to catch that perfect wave...and I became pretty awesome at it. I knew which waves would take me all the way to shore, and which ones weren't worth the effort (I tried revisiting my boogie boarding glory days last summer, and ended up nearly drowning myself...I have obviously lost that skill in my old age).
By the time I became a teenager, my attention was occupied by what every 16 year old girl fixates on...BOYS. I would go out "trolling" every night with my sister and whatever friends we had brought with us to beach camp that year. We would spend hours walking up and down the street of South Carlsbad making sure that were were SEEN. There may have even been a time when an anonymous boy or two was invited into our tent. I will say, however, that this was NOT my idea and that NOTHING ever happened...probably due to the fact that our older sisters ratted us out each time or more likely, I was all talk and no play!
Thankfully I grew up, and found my very own boy to occupy my thoughts. My current focus at beach camp revolves around two very important commodities: the sun and a good book. I plop myself in my beach chair each day, and crack open the cover of whatever book I happen to be reading. While this might sound boring to some, it sounds like a dream to me. Each night is filled with delicious food (thanks to an awesome mom), yummy s'mores/woofums, a game or two, and lots of visiting.
While I love the relaxing week of sun tanning and reading, I'm also looking forward to the next "phase" of beach camping that I'll one day enter...having my own children to share the experiences with.

A recap of the week's events...

Mom and aunt Jeri. We celebrated Grandpa J's 91st birthday while there...all of the family that wasn't camping came up for the shindig.
 Ash and that rascally Danny! So glad that they were able to come all the way from SLC.
 My favorite person on the planet enjoying himself some calorie-infused birthday cake!
 Mr. Noah...his poor eyes were blood shot the whole week.
 We got to watch this each night.
 Big T enjoying the sunset...and me riding in the background.

 Yep...that's Charlie skateboarding all by her lonesome. Look how fast the background is wizzing by!
 Cousins! Part deux!
 Aunt Jeri and uncle kev...
 I had a better picture of the two of us, but this one captured his personality. Plus my mom's face in the background is rad. Haha...that's what you get for ruining my picture mom! Your crazy mug for everyone to see!
 "Smarsh smellow..." as Charlie calls them.
 The moon looks so much more lovely reflecting on the water.
Soph REALLY enjoying her woofum.
This is what happens when I sit in the sun for a week...freckles and coldsores. Aren't I a pretty sight??

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  1. the one of me with no make up! yikes....gross...."ugh,richard you got a edit button on that thing?" "itll cost yoooou!" "come here you little prick!" <3 squid



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