August 10, 2011


This handsome fella is a very private boy.
Which is why he would kill me if he knew I was writing this post.
He probably will kill me once he reads it.
But tough pa-toot-ies!
I have been saying for months that I wanted to start a blog...but this boy put the nix on it. He becomes squeamish with the idea of his life being put on display. For this reason, I have yet to make Graham the sole star of one of my posts. If it were up to me, this blog would have debuted with a dissertation on why my husband is better than yours, backed up with research and evidence to prove my thesis. However, I thought I would ease into this post...get the husband used to the idea of a blog before I brought out the big guns and revealed to the world why my boy is so GREAT. is that day.
Graham and I met as little tykes, but since he had cooties at the time, I wasn't interested. However, we both grew up, and by 18...I decided that he had been cured of the dreaded cootie disease. So I pursued. Long story short (those who know me are aware that this is a big deal...I shortened a story...hallelujah), we started dating... He left on his mission...I waited...he came home...we got engaged...and then sealed the deal (and by that I mean we were married, not the other thing, get your minds out of the gutter!).
I was a patient girl.
But he was worth the wait.
Here's why:
Graham is funny. Like, hurt your sides laughing kind of funny.
He's thoughtful. WAAAAAY more thoughtful than me. Example: while camping this last week, I went up two days earlier. Graham stayed home to work a few extra days. Before joining me, however, he cleaned the "house," because he knows I like to come home to a clean house after a vacation ( I get that from my mom).
He has unwavering faith. I'm a's part of my nature. I overanalyze, re-think, and over-think every aspect of my life. (Not to say that I have EVER doubted my faith...EVER). But he's a rock. Steady, unmoving, unshakable.
He's responsible. I am too...most of the time...but he puts me to shame. I grew up in a house where my mom does the bills/responsible "adulty" stuff. I assumed that's what wives do. Well in this relationship, that's what husbands do. Fine by me!
He'll be a REALLY good daddy one day. Proof...Graham is CONSTANTLY playing with all of our nieces/nephews.

He's loyal. Fiercely loyal. Once you're Graham's will always be his friend.
He's perceptive. He can read my moods like you wouldn't believe. On top of that, he can snap me out of whatever crappy mood I happen to be in (this can sometimes be detrimental...when I want to hold on to my grumpiness, he forces it out of me).
He loves his family and mine.
He will do anything for anybody. Seriously, if you need help, call him up and he'll be there in a jiffy.
He's humble...not an arrogant/conceited bone in his body. He HATES being the center of attention. If it were up to him we would have eloped because all of the attention placed on him during our wedding day was his worst nightmare realized. But...he okayed the big wedding because he knew I wanted it.
He's not a fighter. I am (well...more of a debater). When I'm rearing for a fight/debate, he refuses to participate. Hence the reason why we NEVER fight. Honestly...never. Most of my family/friends think that this is weird/abnormal, but it's just fine with me!
He lets me be ME. Whether it's how I dress, what I say, or how I think, he encourages my independence. Granted, if he doesn't agree with/ like what I say/ wear...he'll vocalize it. BUT...he doesn't try to change any of it...and finds me beautiful no matter what.
I could keep on going and going like our good ol' energizer bunny...but I'll stop there and say that this post is...
Because, honestly, I find a new reason every day why I love this boy.
Including this funny face.

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