September 11, 2011

USA is A-Okay

Life has hit fast forward in the last two weeks. I started my FINAL (yay!!) semester of student teaching last Tuesday, and my mind has been completely and absolutely filled with all things US history. I can't sleep at night or fully concentrate on any conversation because my mind is running with lessons, activities, debates, etc that could be implemented into my class. The stress is killing me, and as such, my treacherousness body has taken over. Those who know me are aware of the fact that when Whitney stresses, Whitney's health goes haywire. So, I wanted to take the time to complain about my woes, because I know you're all interested. Bear with me.

I recently got over a really crappy cold. That sucked, but only the annoying cough/phlegm lingers.

I started my very first day of teaching with a cold sore. Great, like 16 year old juniors need another reason to pick on their teacher (luckily mine seem to like me and have remained gratefully silent about the beast that is currently lurking on my lip).

To add to that, I also sprouted a pretty impressive zit. Let me tell ya, I'm a sight to see!

I got a blister on my foot, which led to me limping around on day two of teaching (I know this has nothing to do with stress...merely the effects of too-tight shoes, but I still wanted to complain about it).

I've had a bloody nose THREE times in the last week. While my husband insists that it is due to the crazy heat we've been experiencing, I prefer to overreact like I always do and assume that it is a serious neurological disorder that was caused by stress.

I know. My life is tough. But, despite these hardships, I am enthusiastically attempting to stay positive. It seems to be working (despite this decidedly whiny blog post, which I assure you, is only a temporary moment of weakness!). 
But seriously, it's hard to stay down when you're doing something you love, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE teaching...especially US history. I'm like a patriotic cheerleader. My students probably think I'm crazy, weird because I get a little bit excited (that's an understatement) about the subject. I guess I just love my country, and I'm pretty proud of where we came from. I hope they get the message!
Also... I'm watching this tonight. Because I think it's imperative to remember.

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