September 12, 2011

I Would do Anything for Love...

but I won't do that. Yes I'm quoting Meatloaf. Don't judge me.
Graham and I reached a pivotal moment in our relationship today, and I'm afraid I don't like the outcome. 
I spent quite some time painting my nails a delicious shade of chocolate brown today, only to come to the realization about 10 minutes after completion that I had to pee...REALLY bad. I think every girl has been in a similar predicament at one point in her life where she reaches this crossroads: relieve the bladder with the distinct possibility that you WILL mess up your nails, or don't (and we all know where the "don't" leads). So because I would rather deal with a smudged nail than wet drawers, I chose the former. But then I had a light bulb moment: Graham to the rescue! (I have a loving husband who would do ANYTHING for me right? Wrong!) I know you're cringing right now, but come on! I REALLY didn't want to mess up my nails. So I did the unthinkable and asked my husband to "assist" me in my wiping endeavors. I was totally kidding when I asked him (Honestly. Only part of me was serious), but I wanted to see how he would react. So I asked. He refused. Darn it! You see? A VERY pivotal moment. I realized that, in fact, my husband will do most anything for love, but unfortunately, he will not do that. 
Luckily I was able to complete the process with very minimal damage to my nails, and absolutely no damage to my husband's all was not lost!

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