October 03, 2011

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me...

I hate flies. Loathe them. And there is no question in my mind where I inherited this loathing from either: my mom. I have childhood memories of my mom walking around her house with a fly swatter in hand in an attempt to suqelch the life out of any of these little nuisances who DARED enter the hallowed halls of her home. I too have this inexplicable aversion to the little buggers.
So, imagine my annoyance when I become aware of a fly buzzing around in my "house" last night. Unfortunately I do not have a fly swatter in my humble little dwelling, so I grabbed the next best thing: a shirt...which I intended to use as a whip of sorts. There was no question in my mind that I would quickly deal with the issue and return to my lesson planning.
Fast forwad FORTY FIVE MINUTES...and the dude was STILL buzzing around.
What had started out as a mild inconvenience had turned into my life's greatest mission... I WOULD KILL THE BUG!!
So I continued to stalk him...and he continued to live.
I'm telling you, this was the smartest fly on the planet. So many times, SO MANY TIMES, I thought I had him. I would scream out "Haha GOTCHA you little bugger..." and then proceed to do a victory dance. I would smugly return to my lesson planning (really captivating stuff on the electoral college)...confident in my supreme fly-killing skills. Then, inevitably...once I had gotten comfortable of course, he would show his ugly face.
Graham was quite amused as I ran around our trailer in my unmentionables like a crazy woman, screaming and whipping at the fly.
Then...the untinkable happened.
Graham, who was lying in bed, seemingly unconcerned with the invader in our home, caught the fly in his hand in mid air. Just snatched him right up...a total Mr. Me-yagi moment.
I had battled this jerk for over an hour, and he gets him in one shot?
My reflexes must suck.
So...I admitted defeat, and since we were so impressed with his valor, Graham let him go (outside of course).

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