September 28, 2011

The rules of snuggling...

Is there such a thing? Well, in my relationship there is. These snuggling rules were fabricated by my dear ol' husband, and he makes sure to enforce them with an iron fist. I'm not a snuggler. I'll be the first to admit it. I know this goes against the traits of my gender, but when I sleep, I like to sprawl...and I don't like anyone tangling up that process.  In all honesty, I was dreading having to share a bed with Graham in the months leading up to our marriage, because I'm selfish with my sleeping space, and Graham is a pretzel when he sleeps. He likes to twist his limbs around mine and get as intertwined as humanly possible. So imagine my surprise when I realized, upon marriage, that I actually like to snuggle whilst falling asleep. However, my husband, the expert snuggler, likes to inform me on a regular basis, that since I'm new to the snuggling game, I'm not too good at it...and it's up to him to train me.
Hence the rules...which are as follows:

Rule #1:  My head must be low enough to fit comfortably on his shoulder. If I'm too high up on my pillow, this creates an uncomfortable snuggling situation. I messed this one up last night (I usually do...which is why it's rule #1), and he promptly informed me..."you know, you really suck at snuggling." Ha. Good thing I appreciate his sarcasm!
Rule #2: He makes ALL of the snuggling rules...I have NO say.
Rule #3: I'm not allowed to talk once snuggling has commenced.
Rule #4: If my hair is wet...I have to caboose him (which means I snuggle up to his backside...instead of the other way around, which is our normal mode of snuggling).
Rule # 5: (the most annoying of the rules) He's allowed to twist his legs with mine. (I told you...he's a pretzel).

Hopefully these rules will assist me on my quest to become a successful snuggler. Good thing I have a lot of nights to perfect my snuggling techniques...and a good teacher (even if he is a little hard on me)!

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