October 12, 2011


These are the things that are currently making me extremely grumpy...(pardon me while I complain for a minute)
1. I spend AT LEAST 2-3 hours a day planning lessons. Some days it's even longer. Like 5 hours. Grrr. See exhibit A.
Exhibit A: Lesson Planning.
2. My classes are huge. 40 kids per class. Can you imagine what it's like to grade papers for classes of 40 students? No? Well I'll tell ya. It's not fun. I know, I know...that's the reality of teaching, but I still want to complain about it!

3. My husband works 40 hours a week and goes to school full time. When he IS home, he's doing homework. So...do we get ANY quality time together?? Not really. This is what I'm MOST grumpy about. I think we've been on one date in the last two months. Our Friday nights consist of homework and lesson planning. Fun, huh?

4. I haven't been shopping in a really long time. My wardrobe is suffering.

5. I haven't been able to READ since this semester started. For a girl who reads a book a week on average...this is KILLING me!

6. My parents are in Maui, and I'm here.

7. And the doozy?? If you've never heard of the PACT Teaching Event, then consider yourself lucky. It sucks. And I spend WAY too much time working on it. But since I have to pass it in order to get my credential, I can't go crawl into a corner in the fetal position and ignore it for the next two months (which is what I want to do). I just need to keep telling myself I'm ALMOST done!!!!!

After this unloading of negativity, I feel the need to quickly count the things that DO make me happy. Creamy pumpkin hand soap from Bath and Body Works (yum), the 20 minutes of snuggling I get with my husband before we fall asleep, Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, my bedazzled West Hills t-shirt, how long my bangs are getting, and the fact that it's October. That about sums it up.


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