November 22, 2011


Mementos, whether material objects or snap shots in time, have always been something that I have held onto. Something to remember a place, a person, or simply a memory by. As a child I used to collect these material mementos. A shell. A rock. A brochure. A note. A scrap of fabric. I had an entire box full of them that I kept under my bed. Little reminders of events in my life. I had an almost superstitious view of my mementos, believing that if I let that little piece of history go, I would somehow lose the memory.
It wasn't  until I began packing up my life in preparation of my marriage that I re-visited the dusty box under my bed. Pieces that may have seemed like trash to many, had been the lovingly collected treasures of a child. I knew where each of them had come from, and the memory attached to them.
As an adult, I still collect those memories. Just in different ways.
My sister left today. She left and took my little babies with her. That sounds a lot more dramatic than it is. Logically, my brain knows that she simply moved to another city only five hours away and that I will see her with regularity. But my emotional heart is honestly breaking. I gathered those mementos as snapshots in my mind as we hugged and said goodbye. But the memento that I will cherish?

This picture that Charlie drew today. It's of the people that she loves. That's me on the top right. She calls these drawings her "scrip-tions." To me, it's another treasured memento.

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