January 21, 2012


I've been accused of being starkly unemotional. On MANY occasions. My brother calls me "CHBW." It stands for, "cold, heartless 'B' word." Literally. I like to pretend he calls me this as a joke, but I know there's a figment of truth to it. I'm just overly logical, and I rarely see things from an emotional standpoint. It's just not in my biology, I guess.
But when it comes to this boy...
I'm a goner. 
The logical, unemotional Whitney flees the scene, to be replaced by a sappy, (purely ridiculous), gushing, blushing, ball of emotion. I often feel the need to pinch myself; to make sure that our life together is real. But it's understandable...he's kind of the bee's knees. 
Take today for example.
Our first conversation upon awakening, went something like this:

Whitney: I'm going to go make breakfast.
Graham. Nope. It's snuggle time.

Or this one:

Graham: Hey Whit, why have you never made me sleep on the couch?
Whitney: Because we've never gotten in a fight bad enough to necessitate you having to sleep on the couch. 
Graham: Well, we should.
Whitney: Why, do you want to sleep on the couch?
Graham: Yeah. It might be interesting.

Or this one, a couple of hours later:

Whitney: Do you like my outfit?
Graham: Love it, Babe. (After much experience, I have come to find out that this statement, in reference to my outfit, actually indicates that he hates it.)
Whitney: What's wrong with it?
Graham: I don't understand it. It looks like a bathrobe.
Whitney: It's a poncho!
Graham: Well, that's even worse.

If you're scratching your head, wondering how these conversations reveal the sheer awesomeness that is my husband, then let me explain: life with this boy is fun. From his ridiculous pronouncements and thought processes, to his incessant teasing, I'm in constant laughter...and from my point of view, that makes me pretty dang lucky. My brother reminds me on a regular basis (including today) that Graham is way too good for me. I tend to agree.
I even spent my trip to Costco today laughing too...
* Note: After reading this blog post to Graham, this was his response:

Graham: Well it's true.
Whitney: What's true?
Graham: (While laughing) You're an idiot.
Whitney: What is that supposed to mean?
Graham. I'm cooler than you.

I don't know what these statements meant...but they made me laugh. Again. See what I mean? I'm a sucker.



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