January 09, 2012

Life, Lately

My life has taken on a decidedly easier pace as of late. With both the boy and I out of school, we have actually had time to devote to hobbies, interests, and one another. It's been wonderful. This year started off with a renewed determination to get back to the gym, and eat healthy. Our hectic schedules, coupled with the holidays have turned us into over-eating slugs. It's not a good feeling.
In the last week, we have worked out five times, and made a concerted effort to eat healthy meals (minus our pizza binge on Friday night...oops. Although, to be fair, I only ate one piece). It's going very well so far.
We hiked Iron Mountain this Saturday (and Thursday, and Sunday...let's just say my legs are aching), and the view was SPECTACULAR. All of the fog sitting on top of SD in the distance was seriously breathtaking.
We then quickly showered, and headed down to enjoy the zoo. After a seven mile hike in the morning, and walking around the zoo all day, my feet had had enough! Here are a few pictures from the day:

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