July 30, 2012

USA is A-ok!

I can admit it. I'm obsessed. I have watched more hours of sports coverage in the last three days than I think I have in my entire life combined. Sports that I've NEVER had any interest in before. Like canoe slalom. Who would have ever thought that it would get me on my feet cheering? Weird stuff. 
Don't even get me started on volleyball. It's probably the one sport that I enjoy watching outside of the olympics. I played it in high school, so I actually understand it. When a volleyball game is on...I'm a crazy person. It's scary. 
I'm patriotic most of the time, but when a medal is involved, I have a tendency of throwing my fist in the air and screaming "AMERICA" pretty frequently. 
I think I might give myself a heart attack with all of the stress. 
Good thing I'll be spending the next week here, relaxing and soaking in the sun. But you better believe I'll still be checking the medal count every day!

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