July 23, 2012

Yosemite: translation..."Some Among Them Are Killers"

There are three things that you can count on seeing a LOT of in Yosemite: Squirrels, Subarus, and Germans. Now, if you're a car enthusiast, a fan of big-cheeked creatures, and find yourself weirdly obsessed with sauerkraut, then maybe the overabundance of these three groups might tickle your fancy. If not, then you'd still be in luck because Yosemite has something to offer for all!
The Ford family takes an annual trip to Yosemite that never seems to get old. No matter how many times I come out of the tunnel and see the "Great Valley" for the first time, I still get the chills. I mean, how can you not get even a little misty-eyed at a sight like this?

Day one was filled with traveling, and setting up camp. Our second day was much more exciting. We trekked around the valley, exploring meadows, catching lady bugs, and visiting the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel. Then, to cool off, we all blew up inner tubes, and floated down the Merced River. This was an activity that we participated in every day that we were there, including one late night dip that Justyn talked me into. Brrr! If you're wanting an invigorating experience, a quick dip in a river consisting of snow melt-off should do the trick!

Wednesday was Half Dome day. I would like to say that I conquered the beast, but I promised my husband that I wouldn't do it without him, so of course I had to respect his wishes (it had nothing to do with the fact that I was scared out of my mind!) So, the wimps ones who stayed behind went on a hike up Vernal and Nevada Falls. While the falls weren't as full as they usually were, it was still a beautiful hike!

On Thursday, the whole crew drove up to Glacier Point to see the view from the top of Yosemite. It was a drizzly day, but still well worth the drive. Then, my sisters Michal and Justyn, and I hiked five miles down to the valley floor. It was steep, and sometimes a little dizzying with the insane heights, but it is probably the most beautiful hike in all of Yosemite!
 The picture on the left (below) is my favorite all time picture taken in Yosemite! I wanted a similar one of myself, but unfortunately you're not allowed to access this part of Glacier Point. I still tried to sneak my way over, but Michal is insanely afraid of heights, and my mere suggestion of braving the 2,500 foot drop sent her into an immediate panic attack. So, I was a nice sister and stayed on the safe side of the railing!

 "Gladys" the squirrel was a welcome visitor at our camp site for the entire week. Her and her babies ate like queens with my mom around! I don't think mi madre understood the "don't feed the wild animals" signs posted all over.
While I had an absolutely amazing time filled with s'mores, campfires, "rafting," and hiking, I missed my husband, and after five days, I was ready to come home! Fortunately, our summer camping trips are not over yet! Next week: beach camp!

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