October 06, 2012

Sister, Sister

My sisters and I get ridiculously immense satisfaction out of going through old pictures. Mainly because we like to make fun of "little" Michal's unfortunate hairstyles, clothes, facial expressions, you name it. While the rest of us often took lovely pictures, Michal's gap-toothed smile, "pixie" (or "butch" if we're going to be honest) haircut, and less than regal posture resulted in more, well...less than attractive photos. Now, before you start judging me, thinking that I'm a bad sister...let me justify my reasoning: If you had a sister that took pictures as bad as Michal did as a child, you would  make fun of her too. Haha, maybe I am a bad sister. But, in my defense, she takes part in the verbal ripping with just as much (if not more) enthusiasm as the rest of us.

A few months ago, Michal and I were engaging in our favorite past time, digging through some photos, when we stumbled upon two of the rarest gems ever seen in the Ford collection. These photos were SO indicative of our childhoods that they were pulled out of the heap of pictures to be put on display. My mom, who is so not a "pictures on the fridge" kind of Mom, has allowed these little visual memories to take up residence on her refrigerator. They're that rad.They have also been shown to every visitor that has crossed the threshold of the Ford house for about the last five months. Seriously.
Feast your eyes:
Yep. This about sums it up.
The difference between Michal and I as young un's.
Let me break these photos down for you.
Notice Michal's hair cut. I think it's a healthy mix between a bowel cut and the friar "do." And for the record, Michal ASKED to have her hair cut like that. Now, turn your attention to her stance. Facing straight on, shoulders hunched, toes pointed outwards. You can almost hear her grunting. Other than the dress, which is obviously doing nothing to enhance her looks, there is not an ounce of femininity in this little one. And, while she is wearing ruffled socks, a decidedly girly accessory, she has kicked off her shoes to reach maximum comfort levels. Ladies and gentleman, meet "little" Michal. She was pretty dang awesome.
Then there is me, on the other hand. Legs crossed, hands on hips, hair just so. I never missed an opportunity to use my "model pose" for any and all photo ops.
Michal blames my mom for allowing her to go around looking like this as a child, but in my opinion, if I had a kid this scary looking, I would never tell her what to do. I'll be honest...she would intimidate the heck out of me. Look at that linebacker stance. She could take me down. I would let her do whatever, and dress however she wanted.
But seriously, so as not to appear like an evil sister, let me just say this: if she was still "unfortunate" looking, THEN these observations would be mean. BUT since the ugly duckling turned into the proverbial swan, no hard feelings...right??
Disclaimer: My sister gave my permission to write this post...because she thinks these pictures are as RAD as I do, and for the same reasons, I will have you know!

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