November 03, 2012

October Festivities

I can't believe October is already over! all honesty, I don't mind. That just means Thanksgiving is closer, and the sooner I get to gorge myself on stuffing and mashed potatoes, the better, I say! Yep...I look forward to certain holidays because of the expected food consumption. Don't judge me.
Here is a recap, in pictures, of recent events taking place in the Ford family. And yes, I know they're all pictures of my nieces and nephews. But hey, I've been spending a lot of time with the little buggers lately. And they're flippin' cute, so why wouldn't I take pictures of them??
We revisited Oma's pumpkin patch, last week and the little ones had a blast.

Halloween was also enjoyed by all. I myself went a little overboard on candy. Whoops. But I don't do it often, so I indulged!
 Charlotte had to be bribed into wearing this costume. It was $3 well-spent because she was the coolest Cruella Deville I've ever seen. And Grant was the perfect Dalmatian. He was a hit around the neighborhood, I tell ya! Because Noah was sleeping during the "photo shoot," I wasn't able to get a picture of him, but rest-assured, he was a pretty tough looking Power Ranger!
Sophia was Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. She rocked it. See that Tiffany's bag, though? That thing didn't come cheap.
I came up with the idea to get a Tiffany's bag for trick-or-treating, so my sister and I headed down to Fashion Valley earlier this week. While Erin was checking out at the Mac store, she asked me to go over to Tiffany's to get the bag.
Okay. fine.
So I attempted.
I walked in the door and asked the security guard, "Hey. I need to buy one of your bags."
He apologetically responded, "Oooooh...sorry. We don't sell just our bags."
Well, crap.
So I reported the bad news to my sister.
She tried to get me to go back in there and try again. I refused.
Then the jerk challenged me.
"Whitney," she said. "You're not afraid of anything. I can't believe you won't go back in there and figure out a way to get that bag. Just flirt and bat your eyelashes or something."
It's basically impossible for me to back down when someone issues a challenge. My sister informed me that I'm like Marty McFly from Back to the Future. You're gonna call me chicken? I don't think so. I will SHOW you I'm no chicken!
Grrr. Fine...challenge accepted!
So, I put my shoulders back, and determinedly marched back to Tiffany's.
Now, let's get one thing clear. I am NOT a flirter. It's not in my DNA. I'm just too straightforward.
But, I was determined to get that dang bag.
I went inside, looked at the security guard from underneath my lashes, and told him my sob story.
"Can't you help me?" I asked. "My niece will be HEARTBROKEN if I don't get that bag."
I stood there, batting my flippin' eyelashes, talking in this sing-song voice, and thinking in my head, "I must look like a total idiot." I probably would have been twirling my hair if it hadn't been up. Pathetic, I know.
But you know what?
It totally worked.
I was shocked.
After getting the bag, the security guard informed me that I better come back down and show him the pictures of my niece once Halloween was over. Then he winked at me. I assured him I would come back, and I winked back.
You know? I decided I might just try this flirting thing again.
Just kidding.
Seriously...I'm totally kidding.

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