March 04, 2013

A Much Needed Break

My husband never misses work. Like, never. In the three years that he has worked at his job, he has NEVER called in sick, and has only taken off one week a year for pre-approved vacations. That's it. Trying to get him to take a day off is about as easy as trying to get him to take me dancing (and if you know my husband, you know that scenario is IMPOSSIBLE).
BUT, despite the futility of the attempt, I have been bugging my husband ALL week to take friday off. I told him how gorgeous the weather was supposed to be, how he needed a break, how we needed to spend a day together (just the two of us), and so on. In my head I knew that I was probably beating a dead horse, but if there's one trait I do not lack, it's tenacity. So I kept bugging.
Then, on Wednesday night my husband surprised me with the best of surprises...
He was going to take the day off.
Holy heck. My nagging worked.
I planned our day from top to bottom (because I can never just "go with the flow." That's like telling me not to breathe).
My husband had ONE request for our mutual day off: that we sleep in.
I begrudgingly obliged.
Then, at the late hour of 8:00 am, our magical day began.
We had a lazy morning (the best kind in my opinion) filled with a tasty breakfast (made by yours truly) and silly conversation.
We stuck to our schedule, and we were out the door by 10:00 am to make it to our 11:00 matinee. Unfortunately, at this point in the day, my carefully laid plans went awry. The movie that we had planned on seeing was no longer showing. But another movie was: Safe Haven. The look of panic in my husband's eyes when I suggested a change in our movie choice was pretty comical. He's a good sport though. I think we were the only people in the theater under 75. That was pretty rad.
After the movie, the day went according to schedule. We headed into Hillcrest for lunch, and sat outside to enjoy the AMAZING weather.
The best part of the day followed lunch. The spouse and I have wanted to visit the Marston House Museum in Balboa Park for about the last four years. We talk about it all the time, but have never made it inside. We decided to change that on Friday, and I'm glad we did. Both Graham and I love museums, and being the history dork that I am, I was in heaven. We were on the last tour of that day, and because our tour guide liked us (I think Graham's inherent schmooze factor helped in that department), she went about 20 minutes over schedule. It was delightful. If you  want to learn about San Diego history and see a beautiful example of turn of the century architecture, I highly recommend the tour.

We spent some time sitting in the sun and enjoying one another's company before we headed over to Graham's brother's house for a BBQ with some friends.
The day was perfect, and I'm so glad that my main man was able to stop for a minute and actually enjoy life. I even got to say, "I told you so" (which I LOVE being able to say) at one point during the day when my husband willfully admitted, "I needed this." He just needs to remember that I'm always right!

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