February 28, 2013

Oh, February...Where did you go?

I didn't realize that it had been over a month since I last blogged, until I hopped onto the ol' google account today. My poor, sad, neglected blog. Where does time go?
If I could summarize this month in one word it would be: BUSY! Hence, the sad, neglected blog! So I'll do what I do best: give a quick recap in pictures!

While I have spent a lot of time hittin' the trails this month, the husband has spent a lot of time hittin' the books. I'm hiking Half Dome with my family this summer (There. I said it. It's on the blog, and so now it's official and I'm accountable). As such, I have been trying to hike Iron Mountain at least once a week (don't worry, that number will increase as the summer approaches), on top of my regular exercising. I even think that I've picked out my hiking boots (the Vasque "Breeze" in case you were wondering). This particular hike began at 4:30 am. Yep...I said AM! I was convinced that I was going to get sneak attacked by a mountain lion, but my dad and I made it through the hike unscathed, and we made it to the top for the sunrise. Graham, unfortunately, has not been able to join us. The poor, little fella' is too swamped with school. I tell him all the time, "You just have to pass. Stop being such an over-acheiver (good advice coming from an educator, huh??)." But, alas...he continues to overachieve. 
I took my Charlie Paige on an adventure through Mission Trails. We packed a lunch, she slipped on her snow boots, and we braved the rain together. There is just something so special about having a little one all to yourself. She decided that she would practice her letters while enjoying the scenery, so we turned it into a game. We would pick a letter, and then take turns coming up with a word that began with said letter. My particular favorite was the letter "F.' Charlie's selections included, "FART!" and "FATSO!" Being the awesome aunt that I am, I encouraged her creativity.
The spouse and I enjoyed our Valentine's Day a day late. It was lovely. Since Graham has free time, like, NEVER, date night is a delightful little treat. We got Italian Food in Little Italy, and followed that up with the most massive frozen yogurts ever concocted. Yogurt Land is dangerous, let me tell ya! Dessert should never be "self-serve" because I don't know how to limit myself. But there's nothing like a gallon of yogurt to make your night right. 
We celebrated Charlie's fifth birthday party with a "Wild West Hoedown." It was perfect. Okay, except for the fact that I kind of ruined it by putting the wrong time on the invitation. Oops. Another one of the "pulling a Whitney" moments. Although, to be fair my sister DID proofread the invitation and didn't catch the mistake, so it was TOTALLY her fault...right? Despite the mix up, we all had a blast. Potato sack races, bandanas, horse races, and hot dogs always make a party fun.

See what I mean?? Busy, busy, busy. AND, there was even more: my mom's birthday, Robert's birthday, my good friend Laura's engagement party...the list goes on! On top of all of these little shin digs were the day-to-day necessities of life. Work, gym, work, tutoring, cleaning, making dinner, doing taxes, work...you get the picture.
Oh, I am SO ready for March!

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