March 22, 2013

Celebrating Carla

I have the privilege of working with some pretty fantastic women.
Like, truly fantastic.
It really makes the daily prospect of work much more palatable to know that I have my ladies to commiserate with.
And Carla?
She's the one that gets me through the day, and helps me keep my sanity. I like to think that we're each other's back up. Because, if you had to deal with the class that we have to deal with on a daily basis, you would need a posse too. Don't get me wrong, I love my students. But this class? Collectively? They're that bad. But, they're the countdown to June is on.
Unfortunately, Carla will be leaving me after this week (Deep breath, Whitney. You can do this without her). I would like to be mad at her for this, but I can't.
Because, you see...she's having a baby girl soon.
And you can't get mad at someone for having a baby (jealous, yes...mad, no).
So, to celebrate Carla, we threw a delightfully, lovely (if I do say so myself) baby shower this week. Everything came out perfect...except for the fact that I forgot the memory card in my camera (Why must I ALWAYS mess something up?). So, apologies for the iphone photos, but I still had to document the experience.
I'm so grateful for the women I work with, and that we were able to do this for Carla. She deserves it.
And she's going to be a fantastic Mamma!
Bonnie...My "better half" in this party planning endeavor!

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