March 29, 2013

La Playa

You know. Sometimes last minute decisions are always the best ones. And coming from a person who plans even the most inconsequential components of life, far in advance (say, for example, the color palette of my future baby's nursery, when said baby isn't even on the's coral and mint if you were wondering.) that's a difficult thing to admit.
But in the case of the last minute vacation that my family took this week...I'll admit it.
Sometimes last minute decisions are always the best ones.
We decided last week to make reservations for Carlsbad State Beach Camp (our home away from home) for Spring Break. And, despite the less than stellar predictions about weather, we trekked ourselves up there. And it's a good thing too, because the weather was perfect. We spent three lovely days on the beach and around the campfire enjoying nature and each other's company.

The only thing that could have made it better was my poor, overworked, husband's company. But, don'f feel too bad for him. I got home from the beach yesterday...and today we're heading out to the desert for some MORE family fun. I'll let him come with me this time!


  1. uh you spelled something wrong- can you find it!!!

    1. Haha...yep! Of course the only time you comment is to correct my grammar. Thanks butthead! I will make sure to change "dessert" to "desert!"



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