April 05, 2013

Dusty Desert Dilemmas

My husband and I have a dilemma. He REALLY likes to ride dirt bikes, and I REALLY don't like the desert.
I mean, don't get me wrong. There's a certain austere beauty about the desert that I love. And the "photographer" in me (not that I claim to be a photographer...hence the quotes) is intrigued by how the desert can be captured on camera. 
I just don't like the "vibe" of the desert. I don't really know how to explain it other than that. I guess I just feel like it's not "my thing." Not that it's my husband's "thing" either. He just really likes to ride his dirt bike.
This "attitude," as my husband likes to call it, is probably a remnant of my high school days.  I went to Santana. For Santee natives, that's enough said. For those who do not call East County, San Diego their home...let me explain. When I was in high school, the "desert culture" was a major trend. I'm talking lifted trucks, naked women silhouette decals, platform sandals, flared nails...you get the picture. Let's just say I was less than appreciative of this trend in high school. In fact, I hated it. Like, REALLY hated it. But hey...I'm adult now, and my lingering teenage aversion to the desert needs to be addressed. So, I'm working on it.
And because I'm working on it, I agreed to go this weekend.
But if I'm honest, only because my mom and my sister agreed to go too!
It was fun. And hot. And the boys (both big and small) had a blast...that's the important part.

We didn't let the less-than-ideal locale discourage the Easter festivities. The boys enjoyed coloring Easter eggs, and even had an Easter egg hunt in the trailer. It was pretty radical.

I loved this part of the day...right as the sun was going down. The air was still hot, the orange clouds were beautiful, and the dusty boys were content after a long day of riding. It was almost magical.

You wanna know something not so magical?
Me. Camping. Minus my normal morning routine.
Ain't I a sight?

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  1. Hello Graham and Whitney,

    I was sat at work during my lunch looking for the rules of snuggling when I found your blog. The rules of snuggling was very funny and so so true. Graham sounds like a real pro when it comes to snuggling. once I finished I started to look through some of your other blogs and have found myself reading the stories you have posted for the last 2 hours.

    May I congratulate you and your family on a fantastic blog, you sound truley blessed to have such a loving family that is obviously so happy. In a world with such pain and heartache it's been a real joy to read some posotive and lovley stories from such a loving family, it's plain to see the world isn't as bad as we all sometimes think it is.

    I wish you and your family all the best and urge you to keep on blogging!





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