June 19, 2013

That Long Awaited Season

Holy Heck!
SUMMER is here.
That long awaited season has finally been bestowed upon us.
The husband and I were just discussing the epic appeal of summer last night.
We attended his baby sister's graduation, and watched as she and her friends gathered at her house to celebrate the occasion.
Graham said how he envied those kids.
How he remembered being a high school student, counting down the last days until summer, eagerly anticipating all of the fun (and trouble) that awaited him. To him, summers just don't hold the same appeal that they once did. The lazy days are a far-gone memory that his adult-self no longer gets to enjoy.
I lamented with him.
And then I kind of pulled a jerk move when I said, "that's the best part about being a teacher...I ALWAYS get summers off." To which he replied, "thanks for rubbing it in."
But seriously, I picked the BEST profession, I tell ya. I get to be a kid forever, also counting down those last days until summer arrives.
And it's HERE!
Except that I have to work three weeks of summer school...boo. Oh well.
I journeyed to my old stomping grounds at Santana last night to watch Holly graduate. It brought back memories.
Good ones. I got to see my favorite teachers march across the football field (shout out to Mr. Johnson and Ms. Crocker!), and I even got to catch up with one of my favorite friend's from high school. It was a fun night, and I'm so excited for Holly as she starts this new phase in life. She was glowing with happiness, and I'm grateful that we were able to celebrate this special day with her...Congrats Holly!

And just because I can't resist, more photos of the lovely Holly...from her prom. She wanted a "vintage look" (a girl after my very own heart), and although I was a bit nervous to try a hairstyle that I had NEVER done before, I think it came out pretty good (if I do say so myself)! She looked gorgeous, and it was a blast getting her ready for her special day.

Now...time for me to go enjoy my summer. It feels like a beach kind of day!

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