June 03, 2013

That Darn Awkward Arm

You all know what I'm talking about.
Let me set the stage:
It's the end of a long work day, and you and your partner fall into bed. You chat about your day, complain about how awful your students were (or is that just me??), or bemoan the load of homework you had to complete (or is that just my husband??), and then you "assume the position."
You know, the cuddling position (get your minds out of the gutter, sickos).
You're chest-to-chest, attempting to snuggle with the one you love best, and then the inevitable happens:
That darn "awkward arm" gets in the way.
He has both arms around you; one under your neck, and the other flung over your waist.
You have your top arm returning the favor, wrapped snugly around him. But what about the arm squashed between the two of you? You can't put it above you, because his arm is up there. And you can't put it under him, or else it goes numb.
Grr...what to do??
Maybe try flipping the other way and spooning? You know, his  front to your back? . His top arm goes around you, and his other arm goes...umm??
See what I mean? The awkward arm strikes again!
Please tell me that we're not the only couple who struggles to find a place for the awkward arm?
I feel like one of us says this at least once a week:
"Dang it. If only one of us was arm-less, this would be much more comfortable!"
"Don't you wish that our arms were detachable?"
If somebody has a solution, please give it to me! Like, seriously, because as much as I try to avoid it, that pesky husband of mine really likes to snuggle...and I'm always the one that gets stuck with the numb "awkward arm."
Oh the woes of cuddling continue!

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