April 14, 2015


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Hi, world. It's been a while. I'm still here, for those that are wondering. I just haven't been blogging. I've tried, believe me. I have sat down at this computer about four times in as many months, trying to craft a post, but the words just won't come. So, I decided that instead of writing a new post, I would read some old ones. You know, revisit the good ol' days.
And then I came to a rather depressing conclusion: I've become a bit of a Debbie Downer.
Seriously. Every post for the last year, minus only a few, were really negative. And super depressing. Take a look at a post that I started in February, and you'll see what I mean:

I'm late on the whole, "New Years" thing. I'm aware of that. Over a month in, and I'm just now tackling the beast. I needed some time before I could fondly look back at the previous year, and eagerly turn my eyes to the new one. 
But here it goes. 
So, 2014?
Screw You (I'm not looking back so "fondly," eh?).
And, 2015?
You better be good to me, or I swear...
If you're wanting positivity from me, move on. Because I'm all out. Perhaps this isn't the forum for a rant, but since I'm best at letting out my emotions through the written word, I'm doing it anyways. So there.
Seriously, 2014 was in all honesty the absolute WORST year of my life. Contrary to what y'all might think, and despite the fact that I have a blog in which I share my life, I'm actually an incredibly private person. At least when it comes to the hard stuff. The stuff that SHOULD stay private. The little snippets of difficulty that I experienced last year and shared on this blog are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg that 2014 offered. I went through a lot physically. But I'm here to tell you that emotional pain is a lot worse. You have no idea, folks. 

See why I never finished the post? There's nowhere that thing could have gone but downhill. Lucky for me (and you!) I'm in a much more positive place now than I was then. And in my defense, 2014 really did suck. Like, royally. But it's behind me now, and things are looking up.
Life is good. Even when it's hard.
And It's time for this blog to reflect that.
Besides...how could life NOT be good when I have this boy at my side?
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