May 14, 2015

Celebrating Graham

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It was this boy's 29th birthday yesterday.

SO in honor of Graham, here are 29 things that you may not know about him...

1. He is the fourth of eight children. Four boys. Four girls.
2. He HATES dancing. Which is inconvenient because I LOVE dancing.
3. He eats his french fries with a fork  because he doesn't like to get his fingers greasy.
4. He is a music fanatic. It's his passion, and his CD collection is out of control.
5. He buys his own birthday/Christmas presents. His choice, not mine.
6. He rides dirt bikes, skateboards, and snowboards.
7. He loves cheesy horror movies. The cheesier, the better.
8. He plays the guitar and the drums. Not well, according to him, but it all sounds good to me!
9. He lived in Peru for two years and speaks Spanish fluently.
10. He's had the same group of close friends for over 15 years.
11. He's a great artist, even though he would argue otherwise!
12. And on that note, he's INCREDIBLY humble. He'll hate that this post is all about him, but I'm writing it anyways!
13. He hates cooked vegetables. He will only eat them raw.
14. His second toe is as long as his big toe. He thinks it's normal. I assure him it's not.
15. He hates school, but is the best student I know. In fact, he's graduating from SDSU tomorrow with a 3.9 GPA.
16. He is OBSESSIVE when it comes to our cars. Like, over the top cleanly.
17. He does the laundry, not me.
18. He can "unhinge" his shoulder blades. Ask him to show you sometime. It's pretty creepy.
19. He's the pickiest eater on planet earth. If it's not pizza or a California burrito, he's probably not interested.
20. He's ticklish. But don't tickle him, because it legitimately pisses him off.
21. He doesn't let me pick out his clothes. What man doesn't let his wife dress him? Grrr.
22. He is weirdly perceptive. Which is helpful, because I often need him to interpret social situations for me.
23. He has green eyes that crinkle at the corners when he smiles. It's pretty cute.
24. For some reason, I'm his favorite, but the feeling is mutual, so I guess we're lucky.
25. He LOVES kids. And they love him back.
26. He doesn't like pasta. Or mashed potatoes. Or lasagna. See...picky.
27. He twitches when he sleeps. And sleeps diagonally. It's rather inconvenient.
28. He loves a good adventure. Which is good for this homebody. Otherwise, I'd never leave the house.
29. He's helpful and loyal. If you need him, he will be there, no matter what.
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