June 22, 2015

5 Years

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This post is a little late in coming...
But, in my defense, work has been CRAZY!! In conjunction with all of the usual end-of-the-year chaos (finals, students panicking over grades, late work being feverishly completed...you get the picture), our campus is modernizing this summer, and next school year. Which means, all teachers had to pack up their classrooms in preparation for the move. So, I've been overwhelmed and BUSY to say the least. Which is why this post, well...never got posted.
But I couldn't let it go by, even if it IS almost three weeks late.
The boy and I celebrated FIVE years on June 4th. Five freaking years. Where the heck has the time gone? It's true, I guess. Time flies...and all that jazz. 
But, seriously. This guy? He is so special. And I am so lucky. Happy anniversary, love. 

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