March 09, 2016

One Month

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Well, now that we're two days past this girl's two month birthday, it's time I post her one month pictures and stats. I know. I'm SO on top of things...

Weight: 8 pounds 3 ounces

Length: 21 inches

Milestones: Baby girl smiled for the first time at 3 weeks. Mommy said it was a fluke, but Daddy insisted it was genuine. Daddy was right, because the smiles haven't stopped since. Wren is finally starting to sleep relatively well at night. She goes to bed easily, stays in her bassinet, and sleeps for three hour stretches.

Loves: Lights! If there is a light in the room, Wren will find it. Especially ceiling fan lights. Wren also loves bath time. She is rarely still, and only the shower seems to calm her down enough for her arms to stop swinging.

Hates: Her car seat. Like, absolutely loathes it. Every time she's strapped in, she starts screaming. Mommy and Daddy call it "rage mode." Wren also hates Daddy's beard. Especially when he tries to snuggle her. Wren's other enemy is sleep. She refuses to take naps that are longer than 30 minutes, which means that Mommy never gets a break.

Wren has a healthy appetite, and eats constantly, but remains petite. It took her over three weeks to get back to her birth weight, but she's back on track now. She is still swimming in most of her clothes, and even newborn socks fall off her feet. Wren has been on several outings already, including a trip to the beach where Mommy carried her around in her wrap, and aunt Michal's birthday dinner. She does well when out and about, and surprisingly sleeps best in her car seat (her arch nemesis) when Mommy and Daddy are on the move.

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