March 28, 2016

Two Months

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Weight: 10 pounds 2 ounces

Length: 23 inches

Milestones: Someone has found her hands. They are constantly in her mouth, and she often stares at them in wonder. Wren is also trying to roll over, but hasn't quite made it yet. She gets up on her side, but that dang arm always seems to get in the way. Like her mama, Wren is a TALKER. She loves to coo at whoever will give her attention and gets LOUD. Baby girl has become a pretty good sleeper. Five hour stretches may not seem like much for others, but this curious girl likes to be up and alert, so five hours of sleeping at a time is a miracle for her (and for her sleep-deprived mom)!

Loves: The mornings. Unlike her mom and dad, Wren wakes up with a smile on her face, and is most "chatty" in the wee hours. It's helped to make her grouchy parents a bit more upbeat in the mornings. But just barely. Wren also loves to be on her back, and will lay on her play mat quite contentedly for long stretches of time. Baby girl still loves to be swaddled and is becoming a much better napper.

Hates: Little one still loathes her car seat. BUT...she's getting better. "Rage mode" episodes are getting more and more rare. Wren also hates taking a bottle. She would much rather have mom feed her, but since her mama is back at work, baby girl needs to get over her aversion SOON!

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