December 29, 2016

Eleven Months

The Holidays have been such a joy with our little Wren. Looking at lights, dancing to Christmas music, and opening gifts were such magical experiences. We're so bummed it's all over, but have her birthday to look forward to next month. We still can't believe that our little girl is almost one!

Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces

Length: ??

December has been a month of fun milestones for Little Miss Wren. She has learned how to stand up from the ground (rather than having to pull herself up to something), and is walking all over the place. While she still prefers crawling, she is walking more and more, and can get across the room pretty proficiently. She is also learning new commands and understands an ever-growing list of words. She knows what "sit down" and "lay down" mean, which has made diaper changes much easier for Mommy! She can identify where her "books" are, as well as the "Christmas tree" and most of the people close to her, to name a few. You ask her where something is, and she points. Mommy's favorite has to be the monkey on her diaper. You ask her, "Wren, where's the monkey?" and her little finger immediately points to it. Wren has also mastered the art of high-fiving...although she is pretty selective with who she will give them to (which isn't surprising, since she's the same way with her hugs and kisses). Wren has also learned how to turn light switches on and off, which she finds quite entertaining. One of the cutest milestones that Wren has reached is blowing her nose. She had a bit of cold this month, and her poor little nose was always running. So, Mommy showed Wren how to blow her nose, and it has made "snot-wiping" a much more efficient process. Plus, Wren thinks it's a game, so it's a double win.

Wren still maintains the same loves: dancing and stuffed animals. She also REALLY loves Mommy this month, and has become very clingy, which is a new development. Wren used to go to anyone, but lately she only seems to want Mommy (which has made Daddy pretty sad). Wren received a LOT of new toys for Christmas, and so has several new loves. Her favorites are her V-tech walker that Mommy and Daddy gave her, and her shape-sorter toy from Nana and Papa. She also LOVES her Beat-bo dancing robot (another toy from Nana and Papa).

Still the car seat. Always and forever. Her "hates" haven't changed much since the day she was born: car seats, and being held down or held back in any way. This girl loves to be free, and definitely has a mind of her own! Mommy and Daddy say she is way too opinionated for someone so young. It was discovered this month that Wren hates Chinese food. For the first time in her life, she spit food out, which was a total shock to Mommy and Daddy. Wren loves all food, so it was definitely a surprise to see her spit something out (especially something as delicious as teriyaki beef!).

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