December 28, 2016

Ten Months

Man, I am behind on these monthly updates! But, in my defense, The Holidays have had us more than busy.

Weight: 17 pounds 3 ounces

Length: Who knows??

Wren's walking abilities are progressing more and more. She will take several steps at a time, but still prefers crawling as her main mode of transportation. Wren's speaking abilities are also improving. She has added a few words to her repertoire, most notably "woof." Every time Wren sees a dog, she points her finger, and excitedly says, "Dog! woof woof!" Wren has also learned how to nod her head, "yes," but still prefers to say "no" to almost everything. If you ask Wren a question, her answer is almost always, "no, no, no," with an occasional "yes" head nod thrown in. Daddy and Mommy's least favorite milestone this month is her newfound love of screaming. Little one has learned how to express her displeasure, and it is LOUD. Luckily, the screaming isn't a constant (unless she's in her carseat), but when it happens, watch out! Wren has FINALLY started to give hugs. She is still stingy with her kisses, but she has become the queen of hugs. She doesn't hug everybody, but when she decides you're a person that she wants to hug, she gives them freely.  

To dance! Wren learned how to shake her little body last month, but her love of dancing has increased exponentially! Any time music comes on (even if it's a hymn at church) Wren's little head starts to bob, and her arms start a-swinging. If Wren sees Daddy's phone, she crawls over, snatches it up, and starts dancing...even if there's no music playing. She just knows that Daddy's phone equals music. Her favorite music to dance to is, without a doubt, Empire of the Sun. Wren also LOVES stuffed animals. She has always been attached to her stuffed animals, but in the last month or so, that attachment has turned into full-blown adoration. She hugs on her stuffed animals more than anything (even Mommy). Wren also loves pretty much ANY food. She loves to eat, as she always has, but still refuses to get chubby (much to Daddy's disappointment).

Wren STILL hates her car seat. And anything that keeps her constrained (shopping carts, diaper changes, and so on). Wren's newfound screaming can be heard during any of these activities, and it's enough to make Mommy cringe. Wren is still a mostly happy long as she's free to move around as she pleases!

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