September 27, 2011


I've realized something recently and I'm not too sure how I feel about it.

Because I am finishing my student teaching this semester (Can I get a woot woot??), I was forced to take a leave of absence from my job. As such, I no longer have an income, and therefore can no longer afford rent. Luckily I have awesome parents who offered this awesome abode to my husband and me for the next 5 months:

Don't be jealous. Every day is a camping trip for me. Bring over your marshmallows and graham crackers folks and we'll have a s'more party!
So...enter stage left: the realization. I'm a married, educated, independent woman of twenty five, and I'm still so attached to my parents that I get mad when I pull up to their house and don't see my mom's car in the driveway. What the heck? She's supposed to be waiting for me in the kitchen to ask me how my day went, preferrably with a plate of warm cookies.
But to be parents ARE pretty cool. As evidenced by the RAD pictures below.

Oh so young!
Hahahaha...I love this picture. ha.
If they were yours, you would most likely be attached to them too. You want to know a little tidbit about my dad?
Check this out.
You want to know a little bit about my mom? Well, then read on...
Why is my mom cool you ask?
If you aksed my dad, he would say my mom is cool because she looks just as good when she wakes up in the morning as she did when she went to sleep (I, on the other hand, look the victim of a's not pretty)
If you asked Graham, he would say my mom is cool because she laughs at his inappropriate jokes.
If you asked her grandkids, they would say Nana is cool because she makes chocolate chip cookies with them EVERY Sunday, gets them slurpees on a regular basis, gives them "fruit rollups" and "fruit snacks," lets them have sleepovers at her house, gives them ridiculous amounts of presents on their birthdays/Christmas, sneaks them ice cream/soda when their moms say no...(you get the point).
 If you asked her daughters, they would say because she's the most generous/talented/considerate/intelligent/beautiful/lovely woman EVER.
Yep. I love my mom. She's pretty dang amazing. I mean...check out these Christmas crafts she just "whipped" together the other day for her Relief Society Enrichment night. Seriously...just whipped 'em up in a few hours.

Here are a few reasons why I, specifically, love my mom.
* She gives advics like she's a flippin' guru or something. You can present my mom with any problem, and she will give you an answer. And not just any answer, the RIGHT answer...every time.
* She is a fault. She will sacrifice her own time/happiness to make people around her happy (I could learn from this since my natural inclination is to be selfish. Whoops!).
* She is proud of her children and brags about them all the time. It makes me feel more accomplished than I am.
* She's wonderwoman. No joke. She's one of those women that you want to hate who's house is always clean and decorated to perfection, who cooks a healthy dinner every night, who is creative and talented, and who looks good while doing it ALL. And yes, she was like this even when she had a house full of little ones! Believe me...I remember.
* She's a devoted, faithful woman who puts the gospel at the center of her life.

If she sounds's because she is!
Now do you see why I get mad when she's not at home to greet me when I get off of work? You'd want her to be around too!

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