September 27, 2011

Picture Update

My life is a constant succession of craziness, and as such, my blog has suffered. is a quick update in pictures.

This little dude came to visit the girls a while ago. He was a tiny little thing.

This guy turned nineteen...and we celebrated. Can you tell that he LOVED all of the pictures that I was taking? He'll thank me one day for how annoying I am with the camera...just wait!

And, best of all, this little man...

Has been staying with us while his parents visit this place...

...and he's been doing this the whole time his parents have been gone.

Yes...Grant is *kind of* walking, and yes, I *kind of* used a dog bone as incentive to get him to walk. Whatever it takes, right? His mom is not too happy that she missed it, but hey...she got a weekend in Vegas so I don't feel TOO bad for her.

And meanwhile...I still love this guy (Who incidentally hates this picture, but I love oh well!).

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