November 04, 2011


I gave a young women's lesson at church last year about attitude. I remember the handout I made for the girls: "attitudes are yours worth catching?" I have always prided myself on my positive attitude; a glass half full kind of girl. That was until this semester hit me. Oh my gosh, I've never been so overwhelmed in my life. Now I've become quite the negative Nancy. I guess my husband kind of noticed, because he sent me this text today:

"What's the good news for today?" 

A gentle reminder from my love to count my MANY blessings (he's definitely at the top of my list). I needed that. Now my attitude, which was pretty sullen this morning, has become quite sunny...despite the rainy weather. 
Even when life seems insurmountable it is SO important to remain positive when confronted with challenges. I love this quote from President Kimball:

" are building your life; … it can be full of joy and happiness, or it can be full of misery. It all depends upon you and your attitudes, for your altitude, or the height you climb, is dependent upon your attitude or your response to situations.”

Besides, how could I not stay positive when I have this guy to make me happy???

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