February 04, 2012

Bonnets and Biscuits

I look forward to the Mormon Battalion commemoration in Old Town EVERY year. Why, you ask?
Is it because of pride in my pioneer ancestors?
Because it's a great opportunity to spend time with my family?
Nope...not that either.
Maybe I enjoy it because it's an awesome missionary opportunity?
While all of these things are definite pluses, the REAL reason I look forward to the commemoration each year is this:
 I REALLY like get to dressed up in pioneer garb.
No, really.
I was born in the wrong century, I tell ya. I just feel at home in a bonnet. If I didn't get weird looks, I'd probably rock one every day. I even got the whole get-up for my birthday last year, because my mom knows I like it THAT much. I've been asking her to make me a bonnet since I was a little girl. When I opened up my present, my sisters looked at my mom like she was crazy, and then they had a good laugh at me. I, on the other hand, was ecstatic.
I've been counting down the days since last summer, and it finally arrived on January 28th, which was ALSO Michal's birthday. What a great way to celebrate, if you ask me. We were in charge of the "biscuits on a stick" booth, which was quite popular. At one point, a small family asked to have their pictures taken with us. Ha. I felt like a celebrity...or maybe a Disney Princess. Either way, I was in heaven.

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