February 15, 2012

Cupid's Surprise

I'll be honest. Valentine's Day last year sucked. My husband had class until 10 p.m...and I sat on the couch watching "The Bachelor." Not my idea of the ultimate romantic celebration, especially because I had such high hopes for our first Lover's Day as a MARRIED couple. Unfortunately, this Valentine's looked like it was going to follow the same routine: Graham in class, and me watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" on the couch.
Then Graham threw me a curve ball.
He called me on my lunch break at 12:30 with this stunning request:
"Hey, how about we get off work early and drive to Orange County to buy me a dirt bike?"
Yeah, I know...a MAJOR curveball.
But, let me rewind.
My husband has been riding dirt bikes since he was a wee little one. While I am not a fan of the two-wheeled monstrosities, I have known since the day I started dating the boy that he would one day own one...and he has been wearing me down ever since.
I finally gave in this week, and said he could get a bike.
I just didn't think he would fine "THE ONE" so soon!
So, while I expected to spend my Valentine's Day alone, my husband and I had a lovely drive up the coast to Orange County where he purchased this beast:
A 2011 Yamaha YZ 450F (whatever the heck that means).
Then, we stopped at Dana Point for dinner in a cute little Mexican restaurant by the harbor. We were the ONLY people out on the patio and were able to enjoy the cozy fire and delicious food all by our lonesome. It was a romantic spot.
Then we made our way home. I was greeted by these flowers, this ridiculous card, and my favorite candy of all time:
He was greeted by this "man" bouquet, an assortment of all his favorite candies accompanied by a grip of SUPER cheesy sayings. He loved it:
While this Valentine's Day may have delivered a MAJOR surprise, it turned out to be a lovely day spent with the boy I love.
While you're all probably thinking that he scored big, while I got relatively little, don't worry. Before agreeing to the above purchase, I made him PROMISE to take me here in the very near future, and he ALWAYS keeps his promises!

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