February 21, 2012

A Weekend of Celebrations

This weekend was spent consuming WAY too much food/dessert. But since we were celebrating a plethora of birthdays (including my brother-in-law, Robert...and my mother-in-law, Sue), I don't feel as guilty.
Saturday night, we went to this little place:

The Station Tavern in South Park for Robert's birthday. If you haven't been, I recommend it. The food is tasty and super inexpensive, and I LOVE the setting. You get to sit outside on picnic benches, underneath the cutest strung lights amid dogs and kids. SO fun. I also loved the fact that they had sweet potato fries...my favorite. The one drawback?
The waiters/waitresses.
It's a cool little place with equally "cool" servers who act like they are too cool to be polite.
But, the food/experience more than made up for it.

As the birthday celebrations continued, Sunday and Monday, were equally as bad as far as food consumption goes...hamburgers, pizza, cookies...the list continues. As much as I would love to say that I'll eat better next weekend, I know that's a lie...because the whole family is heading to Arizona to celebrate this little girl's birthday...
...and I'm sure there will be even more delicious treats to consume...including those little cheeks. I can't wait.


  1. ahhhhh i cant wait!!! i think you should just come NOW;) ps nice clip-ins!!!! hahaha!

  2. Bahahaha...ya you like that?? I've been busting them out lately. It just shows that you're a hairdresser, because you're the only one that noticed!



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