March 01, 2012

The Grand Canyon State

We headed to the Grand Canyon state this weekend. The land of cacti and sun. While the trip was a whirlwind, it was not without excitement!
We left on Thursday night at 8:00, after Graham got out of class. I am not a fan of traveling at night. Everything just feels more ominous after the sun goes down...especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, but we still set out. The drive was filled with snacking (the best part of a road trip in my opinion), and my dad's reminiscing of days gone by. His stories usually involve alcohol and bad-decision making, so they're always entertaining. Let's just say my dad was a bit of a hellion in his younger days. Then, the foreboding that I always feel before a trip, found its justification. We ran out of gas 10 miles away from my sister's house at 2:30 in the morning. Oops. She was not happy when she got that phone call. Our heads finally nit the pillow close to 4:30 a.m.
Then, we were up bright and early the Friday morning so Graham and my dad could go ride their toys. We didn't see them all day...which was fine with me because I got to go shopping with the girls. And I scored BIG! Two tops, three skirts, a dress, a pair of boots, and a new necklace. How much did I spend?? $130. Yep...I'm quite the bargain shopper.
Saturday was spent celebrating Charlie's birthday. Her "Princess and the Pea" party was a hit!

Charlie DEFINITELY acted like the princess for the day. She tends to be extra sassy on her birthday. But as usual, her attitude just cracks me up. Sunday morning was spent going to my sister's church, and then we all said our goodbyes. I didn't cry this time...probably because my sister will be coming out in less than two weeks! Wahoo. The drive home was full of the same, except I actually got to see the landscape this time around. It was beautiful in its own way.

 Of course we had to stop at Gordon's Well for the boys to do a little riding.
 The weekend was quick, but fun and filled with my favorite things: family, food, and fun!

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