December 06, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I've been a little under the weather this week...some type of weird stomach bug that is making its way around the Ford house. So, I decided to stay home from work on Monday and Tuesday to keep my sickness isolated. By late Tuesday morning, I was starting to feel like myself again.
Then I got bored.
So to keep myself busy, I decided to make a delicious little treat. What better way to fix a stomach bug than to attack it with sugar, right?
I found this idea on Pinterest weeks ago, and I've been wanting to try it ever since.
Here's what you'll need:
- Mini pretzels
- "Candy Cane" Hershey's Kisses
- Red and green M&M's
- Cookie sheet
- Wax paper
Then, just roll out your wax paper onto the cookie sheet, plop down some pretzels, and stick a little kiss in the middle of each one.
 You'll bake these at 200 degrees for about 4-5 minutes, or until they look like this:
 Then you'll just toss a few M&M's in the middle of each pretzel, stick them in the freezer for about five minutes, scoop them up...and ENJOY!

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