January 03, 2013

Holiday Festivities

Happy New Year! Okay...I know I'm a couple of days late, but I think that it's appropriate to greet people with this salutation for all of January. Let's keep that holiday spirit alive and well, I say!
Any who, I've been a bit of a blogging bum this past month. I'll admit it! But the weeks have just been filled to the brim, and I wasn't able to step away from the festivities for any length of time to update this blog of mine. So, I figured I would give a little recap of December via pictures!
The crew went to the "Wrex the Halls" concert at the Viejas Arena on December 7th. It was rad.
As expected, I ate WAY too  many Christmas goodies. My goal for the month of December quickly went from losing weight (I mean...is that even feasible during the holidays??) to simply not GAINING any weight. That goal was mostly successful, but only because I worked out almost every single day. I spent a lot of time on both Iron and Cowles Mountain...braving the cold and windy weather!
I took some fun pictures of my sister's cute little family for their Christmas card. And of course, the final shot of the day was the one they picked! Why does it always seem to work that way??
Christmas morning was spent participating in the usual Ford traditions: breakfast, Christmas stories, and presents. 
And because I LOVE Charlotte's face in this picture (and my mom's), I had to share the moment when she found the bike "Santa" had left her in the garage!
We OF COURSE had to see Les Mis on opening night. There are only a few things that make me emotional in life: babies, my husband, and musicals. So, yep...I cried. Big time. 
Graham and I ventured to Newport to attend the wedding of a friend that Graham met while on his mission in Peru. The drive up was AWFUL due to the rain and traffic. We almost didn't make it on board in time..but luckily we did! The wedding was beautiful, the food was delicious, and it was really special that Graham was able to be there for a friend that he doesn't get to see very often.
The New Year was welcomed in with style! We had a get-together with friends and family that included a "photo booth," hilarious games, delicious treats, and good times!

I'm sure that even more happened in this neck of the woods during the month of december, but since these are the only pictures I have, these are the only events I can remember! But, I'm sure the other activities included family, friends, and an array of holiday-themed festivities. 
I'm dreading going back to work next week. Boo! I've just had way too much fun. But, I am so excited for what 2013 has to offer! The New Year is such a great time to re-dedicate ourselves to the things we know we should be doing! Happy New Year folks! (p.s Have you ever noticed the amount of exclamations points that I use when I write?? Because I use A LOT...!)

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