January 23, 2013

I Pulled a "Whitney..." AGAIN!

So what's "pulling a Whitney," you ask? Well, let me tell ya.
This is a little embarrassing to admit but...
I'm an idiot.
It's as simple as that.
My brain just does not function as it should. It has a habit of reading things completely wrong ALL THE TIME. I never read things carefully. I think it comes from years of having to read huge history books in a minuscule amount of time, and then regurgitate a research paper quickly afterward. I've gotten really good at "skimming" things to get the necessary information out of them quickly. This is a great tool when one is a student. It is NOT a great tool in life. Because in life, it just causes me to do REALLY stupid things.
Let me share a story as an example (you know I love stories).
Over the holidays, the boy and I went to a wedding up in Newport Beach. I already wrote about the little shindig on this here blog of mine. I even told you about how we almost didn't make it on time due to "traffic." Yeah right. The real reason we almost didn't make it on time is because I'm an idiot and misread the invitation. It clearly said 5:00. My brain told me it said 5:30. So we left at 3:00. Plenty o' time...right? Wrong. We realized my error pretty quickly into our drive, and my patient husband didn't even give me crap about it. What a sweetheart.
But, see what I mean?
This story is a textbook, "pulling a Whitney."
I'm an idiot.
Fast forward to today. My brain did it again.
I had jury duty. While most people cringe at the thought, I LOVE jury duty. It's that nerdy history dork that's in me. So, I got the summons in the mail about a month ago, looked at the paperwork and made a mental note: Jury duty, January 23rd, 7:45, Broadway court house...Got it. My brain got all of the facts right until it got to "Broadway." You see, 303 W. Broadway is the downtown courthouse, in case you were wondering. However, because my brain likes to screw with me, it interpreted "Broadway" as "oh yeah...the court house in El Cajon." I didn't realize this mistake until I was sitting in the East County Superior Court House parking lot at 7:40 this morning.
Ugh. Such an idiot.
So I rushed downtown, drove around FOREVER looking for parking, and then at 8:30 (45 minutes late) decided to throw in the towel after realizing that I would have to pay $17 to park. I then got on the phone to the automated jury services line to figure out my options, only to realize that I could change my summons location with one little push of my touchscreen. So, I changed it to El Cajon, and rushed back to East county...only to discover, upon frantically running up to the jury lounge, that I was too late.
Another, "pulling a Whitney" story to add to my life's history.
You know what the worst part is though? I lost my FAVORITE gold bracelet in my chaotic rush to get through the metal detector line. I don't know where it ended up. All I know is that my wrist is sadly devoid of a shiny gold bauble at the current moment, and I am NOT happy about it.
So much for performing my civic duty!
On a positive side note...I really like this picture. It's hard to capture a good one with these stubborn little buggers, so I'm glad I finally did!

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