April 23, 2016

Three Months

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Weight: 10 pounds 9 ounces

Length: 23.5 inches

Milestones: The milestones have piled up this month! Last month, Wren discovered her hands, but this month, she is ALL about her feet. She loves to lay on her back, curl up in a ball, and grab on to her toes. She has also learned how to blow spit bubbles, which means that the front of her onesies are ALWAYS soaked. Wren rolled from her tummy to her back, and is almost rolling from her back to her tummy. Any day now! She has also learned how to grab onto things, and especially loves the toys that dangle from her play mat. She also likes to grab mommy's hands, and brings them directly to her mouth to suck on. Wren loves to laugh, but is very stingy with who she will laugh for! She is always smiley, but laughs are rare and hard won. Daddy finally got his first big laugh out of Wren this week, and he was quite proud of himself. Wren has also learned that if she pushes her heels against the ground, she can scoot herself around. It makes changing diapers a much more difficult process!

Loves: Wren's favorite time of day is still the morning, and she greets every sunrise with coos and smiles. She also still loves bath time, and would spend all of her time in the water if Mommy and Daddy would let her. Her favorite toy is her stuffed turkey that Aunt Michal gave her, and she constantly talks to it and smiles at it. Wren loves music (especially Chvrches) and will go from screaming to content if Mommy turns up the music in the car. She loves to be held sitting up and facing out. Don't try to cradle her like a baby, because she always has to be up, seeing the world around her. Upon first meeting her, everyone's initial comment is, "Wow! She is SO alert." And Mommy and Daddy's response is always, "Yep. From the moment she was born."

Hates: The car seat. Still. Mommy and Daddy are hoping she'll outgrow this aversion, but it's not looking good so far. Wren hates any sudden movements, and will tense up and scream if feels like she is falling. She also hates nighttime sleep, and has regressed a bit in her sleeping habits, which makes for a very tired Mama.

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